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I am a visual artist and anthropologist. My curiosity in humans and the fundamental underpinnings of our attitudes and behavior toward each other and our surroundings drives both my scientific research and my visual work. I use sculpture, photography and print to create imagined scenes that highlight our ideas about each other and the natural world. I have a BFA in studio art, an MA and an MS in anthropology, and a PhD in anthropology. I have shown my work in galleries in Colorado, New Mexico, and New York.


More than any other species, we control the physical environment in which we live. We include plants and animals in our lives but only in the limited ways that we dictate. We surround ourselves with manicured landscapes and domesticated pets, while we destroy fragile ecosystems and drive untold numbers of species to extinction. When we benefit from nature, we embrace it; when it encroaches on our comfort, we destroy it. Using photography, sculpture, and print, my work captures the concomitant exploitation and destruction of the natural world and uses it as a metaphor for our treatment of one another.


All work Copyright Jessica Marie Gross. All rights reserved.